Asphalt Seal-Coating and Striping:IMG_3430

Let U.S. Paving restore or maintain the beauty and functionality of your business’s parking lot.  To prepare the lot, cracks are filled with hot tar rubberized crack fill.  Our expert crew hand applies a thick commercial grade sealer to ensure your pavement is protected.  We then re-stripe the parking lot to your exact specifications leaving you with a beautifully restored property.


New Asphalt paving:

U.S. Paving works directly with clients to ensure your parking lot is exactly what you desire.  We use only the highest quality and most cost effective asphalt material.  Asphalt is machine applied in thick layers and compacted with vibratory rollers.


Asphalt Re-surfacing:

All holes are filled with surface asphalt to prepare the lot for a level surafce.  The lot is then primed with liquid bonding agents, and paved with 2" inches of surface asphalt.


Asphalt services include:

  • Installation
  • Repair & Removal
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots